A Mandler design, and the only Leica lens you need. 
It's bitingly sharp with medium contrast and medium saturation, has beautiful subject isolation and just does real life justice in every shot. The 50 Summicron V5 is a lens that will make you smile with every shot and makes you want to earn its respect. It's as comfortable on film as it is digital and easily out-resolves my 42 megapixel a7rii as well as my M10.  To me, this lens is the classic definition of pocketable Leica performance and one could easily pair this lens with a wide angle lens and call it a day.  
Image quality:
lets get one thing straight, this lens is as sharp as any modern lens at f4-f8, sharper than my 50 Summilux ASPH and on par with my 35 distagon. Wide open, its sharp with a tiny glow and a gorgeous falloff that tastefully leaves a signature in every shot. There's field curvature, the bokeh is good and has a signature Leica glow that is prominent in out of focus areas. Where this lens falls short is in flare resistance, and as a work horse lens, it's surprising that this lens suffers so greatly from it. No the flare isn't bad, and I've only encountered a ruined veiled image in two or three images out of the thousands I've shot. The real problem is the dip in contrast from angled stray light, it caught me off guard when doing a product shoot when I relied on consistency. 
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